Primary Targets

I noted a few folks have posted about this song self defense sing along

“Target Practice” from 1993 from FREE TO FIGHT

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I came across a blog post yesterday, it reminded me of something.
I find the context of the article, and the photo posted with it, insensitive, as well as exploitative of current important anti-racism work happening online and in the real world. The point of the post was to frame individual’s online sharing/writing posting on corporate platforms as digital sharecropping. The context was protestable, the content was spot on. It was posted on a personal/company website and shared via social media, as strategy I suggest to anyone who asks me, but that I don’t practice myself. I should. It was a call to spend the time I have, if online, growing what I share and what I can do, using this facet of making in a way that is restorative and helpful.
Looking at my front page timeline, I post about once a month here. I love to write, take photos, make sound, share information, learn, I might be queen of the internet with all those arrows in my quiver. This space is conflicted for many of us, and for me, definitely, but there has to be a way to make it work better. I work in public, and the way I play music or do culture work is often in public, and so relies on the kindness, interest, and support of people I don’t know. I can’t do my work if I don’t tell people about it, but I often don’t like to share what I’m up to. Whether I’m not sure of its value yet, or I’m concerned about privacy issues, or simply because I’d rather be quiet. I am not affiliated with anyone who provides me cover, or guidance, I’m not sure I’ll do it right, or I’m afraid I’ll get off track.
There’s room for quiet here, as there is outside of the screens, and there’s room for making. Going to push that around a little bit.

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Then, and then,

When we cycled past Roots Road, Marley, of course, popped into my head and stayed there stuck, to the point that I complained about it, out loud, outside of my head, without singing or saying the name of the song.

Which helped.

Then “On and On” by uhh, Andrew Gold? (no, Stephen Bishop) swept in. At least it had something to do with riding, and the melody felt connected to motion, less mired in cadence. Drifting in and out, soft rock even in its presence, through calando, and then a shade of chorus kicked in and it cycled again.

Then, a jaunty tune, something I knew well but couldn’t place. Old. Trying to figure as the bright flashed, then the shade. We were bathed in just past equinox light, DAPPLED, following the slant of the sun to navigate.

In the same moment I recognize the not a song but a soundtrack, a silent apology is issued to the friend ahead of me; it’s the start of “The Odd Couple” theme, (composed by Neal Hefti), inspiring an inner curb kick and an instant up the road uptick.

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Is there a condition for the lagging blog, the multitude of entries that apologize for the months of suspension between occasional appearances? There must be.

I’ve been pondering how to be interested, interesting, platforms, for years. Funny how little has changed. I’ve worried about how to write about what’s of interest, what’s up when it’s so wide ranging.

There’s something that’s starting to make more sense. Though silence is often a restful place, it’s beginning to feel static.

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This neighborhood is under community watch

I love this illustration by Sandra Khalifa (commissioned by 18 Million Rising) supporting Net Neutrality.



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A few tools/products I use, love and/or couldn’t do what I do without.

(I spend so much time advocating for more effective tools, want to point out some of the existing good.)

WordPress Big Cartel Guild Guitars Orange Amplifier Cash Music

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State of Wonder

On February 22nd I was the guest curator on OPB’s “State of Wonder“.
The show is archived here:

Many thanks to April and the State of Wonder staff for their warm welcome and good work.

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Not only is Yonder Journal great things by great people, Emiliano dropped this on their instagram (@yonderjournal) today….and we agree. Check out our store and keep an eye on it in the near future, more items coming up soon.

Yonder Journal depends on public support, i.e., your support. YJ Objects, as in actual physical things like magazines, books, t-shirts and water bottles, provide an opportunity to complete our publishing intentions and make your contributions more fun, e.g. reciprocal. We make cool shit, you buy cool shit, we all advance.”

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Modern Farmer


 Photos by Eugenie Frérichs

My friend Eugenie has been working on a project documenting small farmers. The past month finds her in the northern parts of the Pacific Northwest. Her photo essay for Modern Farmer is beautiful, check her website as well.



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