I came across a blog post yesterday, it reminded me of something.
I find the context of the article, and the photo posted with it, insensitive, as well as exploitative of current important anti-racism work happening online and in the real world. The point of the post was to frame individual’s online sharing/writing posting on corporate platforms as digital sharecropping. The context was protestable, the content was spot on. It was posted on a personal/company website and shared via social media, as strategy I suggest to anyone who asks me, but that I don’t practice myself. I should. It was a call to spend the time I have, if online, growing what I share and what I can do, using this facet of making in a way that is restorative and helpful.
Looking at my front page timeline, I post about once a month here. I love to write, take photos, make sound, share information, learn, I might be queen of the internet with all those arrows in my quiver. This space is conflicted for many of us, and for me, definitely, but there has to be a way to make it work better. I work in public, and the way I play music or do culture work is often in public, and so relies on the kindness, interest, and support of people I don’t know. I can’t do my work if I don’t tell people about it, but I often don’t like to share what I’m up to. Whether I’m not sure of its value yet, or I’m concerned about privacy issues, or simply because I’d rather be quiet. I am not affiliated with anyone who provides me cover, or guidance, I’m not sure I’ll do it right, or I’m afraid I’ll get off track.
There’s room for quiet here, as there is outside of the screens, and there’s room for making. Going to push that around a little bit.

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