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airport chapel

I’m working on a project (a couple actually) that required me to dig out old album notebooks. Each volume is about 2″ thick, full of sketches, photos, lyrics, inspirations, writing notes, recording and mixing notes, etc. Here are two snaps … Continue reading

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I agree with the Speedo.

  Rob Delaney (pictured here) on why he’s voting Obama and not third party this election. I’ve enjoyed, and they have been illuminating and interesting, more conversations about not voting than I’m comfortable with. Not me not voting, but others. … Continue reading

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#SANDY links

Here’s a brief list of what seem to be active and effective links to aid, announce and navigate the aftereffects of the hurricane. I don’t enable comments here, but will add suggestions if they arrive @rebeccagates or Thanks EVERYWHERE: … Continue reading

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The Athletic + photos by Ethan

My friend (and I am lucky to call him that) Jeremy Dunn is a force, a lanky, goofy, intelligent, inquisitive and embracing force. I first learned about him through his magazine and blog Embrocation Cycling. His latest endeavour, aside from … Continue reading

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The next weeks are busy. The band is playing Doug Fir on 11/11 as part of the Siren Nation Festival, we’re working on a few new songs. I am honored to play as part of Bill McKibben’s Do the Math … Continue reading

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