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“Whether folding Memphis R&B into slacker bedroom laments or post-rock abstractions into catchy pop, she nails the ennui of lovesick transitions and physical displacements with a marksman’s aim. And she might just possess the sexiest voice in rock.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Civic Audiologist” – Steve Rauner, Executive Producer of NORTH
“Aural Polymath” – Jennifer Elsner, Designers, Viewers Like You

Rebecca Gates is a US based musician, curator, artist and audio editor. She has released five albums, three as leader of the critically acclaimed group The Spinanes (Sub Pop), toured internationally and appeared as a vocalist on numerous records by artists as wide ranging as The Decemberists and Willie Nelson. Her record Ruby Series was hailed by Spin Magazine  as “warm, thoughtful, and melodically gorgeous.”

Gates co-curated The Marfa Sessions, an exhibition of sonic land art installations by US and international artists in Marfa, Texas. She has been featured as an artist at Lehmann Maupin Gallery (New York, NY), Vedanta/Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago, IL), Centro La Fontana (Barcelona, SPAIN), Fontanelle (Portland, OR) and The Sun Valley Center for the Arts (Sun Valley, ID/Los Angeles, CA). She was editor and co-founder of The Relay Project audiomagazine, a sound-only periodical featuring content from a variety of editorial and sonic sources.

She currently performs solo and with a combo under the Consortium moniker. The fine onstage version of the Consortium, may feature any and all of : Ji Tanzer (Blue Cranes), Joanna Bolme (The Jicks, Quasi), Rebecca Cole (Wild Flag, The Minders), Nate Query (The Decemberists, Black Prairie), Jenny Drizos (The Decemberists, Black Prairie), Amy Domingues (Garland of Hours), Dave Depper (Loch Lomond, Blue Giant) or any other musical genius who consents to participating.

contact: info (at) parcematone (dot) com

Complete ART C.V. available on request


DUE IN 2016:

ReIssuer By: Ruby Series Revisited (Comedy Minus One Records) Featuring traxx by: Alejandra and Aeron, Ian Williams, Kate Simko, Mikael Jorgensen + more


The Float (July 2012) The new record was recorded in Wakefield, Chicago, Montreal, Portland, Townsend and Dallas. Engineered by Howard Bilerman, John McEntire, Kendra Lynn, Mark Greenberg, Stuart Sikes, John Askew, Graeme Gibson, and Rebecca Gates.

Players include : Joe Adamik, Thierry Amar, James Becker, Joanna Bolme, Rebecca Cole, Becky Foon, Mark Greenberg, Benny Massarella, Doug McCombs, John McEntire, Jessica Moss, Sonja Myklebust, Nate Query, Tim Rutili, and Ji Tanzer.

Ruby Series (June 2001) Originally released by Badman Recording Company now available direct via Store or send inquiry to info at parcematone dot com)


Wool Recordings compilation
Move” and “The Colonel’s Circle”, Shanti Project Collection 2 (Badman Recording Company) October 2000
Ballad of Billy Joe“, The Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The Executioners Last Songs Vol 2 & 3 w/  (Bloodshot Records) 2003
Nobody Wins“,  Nothing Left to Lose – a Kris Kristofferson Tribute (Incidental Music) 2002


Ted Leo – “One Polaroid a Day” Remix 2010  (vocals)
Laetitia Sadier – “The Trip” 2010 (vocals)
The Decemberists – “Hazards of Love” 2009 (vocals)
Willie Nelson – “Songbird” 2006 (vocals)
The Minus Five – “Down with Wilco” 2003 (vocals)
The Aluminum Group  – “Happyness” 2002 (vocals)
Califone – “Decelaration One” 2002 (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Califone – “RoomSound” 2001 (drums)

The Mekons – “Me” 1998 (vocals)
Joan of Arc – “The Gap” 2000 (vocals)
Akito Katayose – “Hey Mister Girl” 2000 (vocals – in japanese!)
Five Style – “Miniature Portraits” 1999 (vocals) Japan release only

Elliott Smith – “Elliott Smith 1995 (vocals)

Ben Lee – “Grandpa Would” 1995 (vocals)


Imp Years (April 10, 2000) Merge Records

Arches and Aisles (June 23, 1998) SubPop Records
Strand (February 27, 1996) SubPop Records
Manos (October 26, 1993) SubPop Records

Rummy” b/w “Hawaiian Baby” 7″ (November 1992) Imp Records “Suffice” b/w “Halloween Candy” 7″ (April 1992) Imp Records