I agree with the Speedo.

Rob Delaney (pictured here) on why he’s voting Obama and not third party this election.

I’ve enjoyed, and they have been illuminating and interesting, more conversations about not voting than I’m comfortable with.

Not me not voting, but others. All of the folks have said or written they don’t believe in the two party system and don’t want to support it. They don’t want to vote for a candidate just because he or she is the lesser of two evils. They are all involved in activism in some sense, not members of the Culture of Apathy. 

Their words have been turning in my head for the last few weeks and I still don’t know what to make of them. It’s very clear to me that if there’s a candidate who will dismantle women’s rights, human rights, that person should not be elected. If it means voting for someone who I don’t support 100%, then ok, I’d rather be in a position where I’m not so deep in defense mode I can’t work towards what I think is important. It also strikes me as pretty entitled. Ideally, yes we vote for someone who shares our opinions across the board, but not only are those folks are rare (and it’s a time to develop alternatives) but in a nation of over 300 million people it seems naive. I voted for Obama, and I look forward to doing whatever work needs to be done to work towards a more effective representational democracy.

Much to do no matter how the election turns out.


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