Then, and then,

When we cycled past Roots Road, Marley, of course, popped into my head and stayed there stuck, to the point that I complained about it, out loud, outside of my head, without singing or saying the name of the song.

Which helped.

Then “On and On” by uhh, Andrew Gold? (no, Stephen Bishop) swept in. At least it had something to do with riding, and the melody felt connected to motion, less mired in cadence. Drifting in and out, soft rock even in its presence, through calando, and then a shade of chorus kicked in and it cycled again.

Then, a jaunty tune, something I knew well but couldn’t place. Old. Trying to figure as the bright flashed, then the shade. We were bathed in just past equinox light, DAPPLED, following the slant of the sun to navigate.

In the same moment I recognize the not a song but a soundtrack, a silent apology is issued to the friend ahead of me; it’s the start of “The Odd Couple” theme, (composed by Neal Hefti), inspiring an inner curb kick and an instant up the road uptick.

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