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March 2020


First, please watch your and other’s health. We are all in this together. Wash your hands well, don’t touch your face. Please keep physical distance and stay home/stay in place if you can. There are many who can’t for a variety of reasons. Sending power and love to those doing frontline work daily, now and always. Stay connected with your friends, family (including family of choice), and neighbors, near and far.

I’ve spent much of the last year teaching and consulting, shaping my (non-music) sound practice into a new mode of work. I’ve been involved in a variety of freelance projects. I planned to give myself time this year to work on music, to complete and start items on a very long to do list. I think that will still happen in some form, but as you know we are facing acute major challenges on several fronts, and I’d like to help as I can. More on how I’m responding and what I’m developing here soon.

Stay close to music. Take care, and as always, thanking you.

March 2019

#1019SE10th97214 instagram.com/thespinanes

Photo by Tatum Shaw December 2018

I spoke with Taylor Antrim at Vogue about the Manos reissue.


And played the NADA ART FAIR

October 2018

Courtesy Merge Records:

Celebrate 25 years of The Spinanes’ Manos with reissue this December

Two years after stepping onto the scene via their set at the Independent Pop Underground Convention, The Spinanes released their debut Manos on October 26, 1993. The band, at that time a two-piece of guitar/vocals and drums, toured extensively in a bucket seat Geo Prism, playing with the likes of Fugazi, Codeine, Mecca Normal, Stereolab, Superchunk and The Afghan Whigs. Described by SPIN Magazine as “a bright, mercurial storm of guitar meditations,” Manos became the first album released by an independent label to hit number one on the CMJ charts.

On December 7, Merge will reissue Manos. Pre-order the album in the Merge store on CD, LP, and opaque yellow Peak Vinyl, the latter of which includes an 8-page 12” × 12” booklet with rare and unseen photos and Manos-era ephemera. Peak Vinyl and LP formats include a digital download of Manos plus four rare songs from the Spinanes archive.

September 2018

Thank you for visiting this page.
I’ve been quiet while I navigate a few personal things and complete (and incubate!) a number of projects.

Also thinking…

How are we of service at all times and in this time?
Community care is self-care.
How can I do my best work?

I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
In the near future: music announcements, continuing sound and listening based culture and infrastructure work, audiocasts, voice, and art.

For news, the email newsletter list is often the best mode of learning what’s up

Let’s work on building and preserving human rights, access to knowledge, and the freedom of movement.
Art is important and often hard to argue for in our world of commerce.
Caretake it, support those making it.

Take care of your neighbor, temper your device time, and stay encouraged.

August 24, 2017

It’s summer and there’s much in the works.

July 1, 2017


At The Practice Space

3636 N Mississippi, Portland, 97217

Tuesday July 11 at 7 pm

Sonosnap / The Practice of Listening: Rebecca Gates in conversation with David Miller

David Miller is the host of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s daily talk show, Think Out Loud.

Before coming to OPB, Dave was the senior producer of Open Source, a nationally syndicated radio show based at the NPR affiliate station WGBH in Boston. He began his radio career as a documentary producer at Sound Portraits Productions and StoryCorps. His stories have aired on NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition Saturday

Thursday July 13 at 7 pm

Sonosnap / The Practice of Listening performance and conversation: “Archive Recon(sideration/struction)” Marcus Fischer and Rebecca Gates

Marcus Fischer is a musician + interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work typically centers around memory, geography + the manipulation of physical audio recording mediums. Slowly unfolding melodies and warm tape saturated drones have become a trademark of his recordings + live performances alike. These sounds have found their way into multimedia installations, short flims, and radio programs.
Fischer has released a number of recordings on the widely respected 12k label including his photographic + sonic collaboration with label founder Taylor Deupree.

Fischer performs solo, in collaborations, and as a member of unrecognizable nowsecret drum band and wild card

July 18

Sound call details will be posted soon.

World Listening Day 2017, an annual global event held on July 18.
This year’s theme is “Listening to the Ground” and is dedicated to Pauline Oliveros.

World Listening Day began as an idea among a small, local group engaged in recording, new music, and radio. Drawn to the potential of these media to invent new art forms based in sound and its transmission opened up new awareness of the role of environment in shaping human relationships with all life forms, including the impact of human activity, especially to avoid unintended impacts that are detrimental to life. Using audio and Internet media helped promote the benefits of an ear-minded approach to environmental stewardship, as it apparently blossomed with a phenomenal amount of global interest that carries on to this day, every July 18th.”

June 1, 2017

I’ve a small listening and sound show at The Practice Space Portland. The gallery is in the same space as Beacon Sound on Mississippi Avenue. Please stop by and take a listen.

I’ll be playing a few shows here and there, some of them open to the public, some of them only open to those on mailing list ->.

By June 30 the U.S. Senate will vote whether to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. Please call/write/email your senators and tell them what you think.

A good tool for making calls is 5 Calls, offering easy access numbers and scripts.

There’s a lot going on right now and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Please help keep your community (including small businesses, families, friends, schools, artists) vibrant. We need you!

April 10, 2017


I was lucky enough to hang out and talk about bicycling, music, and more with Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson as a guest on their podcast We Got To Hang Out. Thanks ladies.

Design Week Portland is back in the house April 21-29. Check out all the programming as well as the associated events and open house around town.

I’ll be moderating “Doing Good by Design” at the Children’s Cancer Association/My Music Rx, as well as programming “Ask An Expert” at The Redd (the location of DWPDX’s Headquarters “HQ” this year) and sneaking in a sound art piece as well. Details on the experts and where to listen soon.

April 29: Performance: SIX all ages sound show at PNCA collaborating with Marcus Fischer

April 28: Solo Sound Art Exhibition: at Practice Space Portland

SOON: The long delayed The Suited Lady podcast is about to make its way into the world. Follow along via instagram or the website.

“Practice makes Practice”, Hazel Meyer, 2015

March 21, 2017

Happy Spring. We made it!

I snuck in a brief show during SXSW. Thank you to Gerard at 12XU for the invite to play.

The guitar was painted by kids at Dell Childrens Cancer Center. Thanks to MyMusicRx, Children’s Cancer Association, Epiphone and especially the artists for a lovely instrument.

February 10, 2017

Thank you to all who have purchased a benefit kerchief, they are almost gone!
See the SHOP for info.

January 21, 2017
Bandana Series begins! Check the SHOP page.

January 20, 2017

Battle Hymns, a compilation against hate and for the protection of women’s health and the health of the planet, was compiled by Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes of Quasi.
I recorded a song with them titled “NO DIVISION”. All proceeds to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and 350.org

January 10, 2017

I support the continuation of the Affordable Health Care Act.
It is not perfect, but it makes health care available to all US citizens regardless of their health history or financial abilities.

I also support freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, free and fair elections, and many more basic rights.

Here’s a start for the week of Jan 10-13
“Cabinet” nominations information and actions

No Fear
No Confusion
No Division

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 13.23.05
October 10, 2016


“House” show in Austin, TX, September 2016. Cicadas, fireflies, and great folks.

September 26, 2016



I will be playing a house show in Austin, Texas at 8 pm this Thursday, September 29. I am not selling tickets in advance (they will be $15 at the door – cash only) but you do need to RSVP in order to attend, and receive location information. showrsvp (at) parcematone (dot) com.

September 20, 2016

arches and aisles

I was unpacking a box of albums last month, and discovered a small stack of still sealed “Arches and Aisles” LPs. These are out of print, and I’m moving them out…still a few left, but the shelf space they’re taking up is getting smaller. Thank you to those who’ve ordered, and if you’re interested there are a few left.

September 8, 2016


Self Portrait  (#selfie) 9/3/16

August 28, 2016

August 12, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.43.54

SEATTLE show Friday August 19 – Details on the CONCERTS/EVENTS page

July 26, 2016

New shows announced soon, including a few private house shows. Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates, won’t you? ->


July 1, 2016

Sorting through and pulling together, proposals, songs, and and and

Combing through files I found this start on “The Float”. It’s rare there’s not back and forths, approaches via multiple facets, quick notes, fretting:

The Float Cover lowresthe first song is a song of a moment in paris. the south side of a bridge over the seine. bicycle riding. portrait. the sound of the travel and input from all levels.

drums guitar (cello bells)

the second song is a song of 3 am on a summer night. perseus shower. distant company. half awake.

guitar vocals strings

the third song is a portrait of cat and mouse. and escape from the paws. work towards the light work towards the ease.

drums guitar bass vocals (middle section)

the fourth song is sitting on a park bench feeling your voice in my bones. the cool giddiness of my bloody valentine the crunch of the faces. finally getting down to it. walking at night with the lightening flashing. no rain.

drums percussion guitars vocals organ bass

May 2016


March 1, 2016

I will be participating in Viewer’s Like You’s Pop Up Inquiry in Marfa, TX in March.

In April, I will be speaking and performing at the Experience Music Project’s Pop Conference in Seattle.

Spring is here!


January 29, 2016

House shows planned for various locations soon. Sign on up for the mail list newsletter to receive news and details of house shows and future releases.

December 23, 2015


Working on songs, writing project proposals + finishing up sound editing from Super Cycle Sound RVA.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

November 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 00.33.13

Via the Instagram: “I love the work @bedsider and the National Campaign are doing to promote birth control and fun sex. My favourite motto of theirs, “Nine months from now the only thing I’m expecting is to be more AWESOME!” Birth control and a healthy body is every woman’s right. Seven in ten pregnancies for single woman in their 20s are described by women themselves as unplanned. Plan your life, plan your families, make art, make babies if and when you want…#ThxBirthControl! #thxbirthcontrolday And how great is it that @katebingburt drew the lettering/images for the t-shirts worn today? ⚡️”

October 12, 2015


I’m editing sound for Manual for Speed (above = DWP working his photo magic at the top of 23rd during Worlds #RVA) as well as putting together a sound piece of my time in Richmond, and organizing the archive. Thank you to all who responded to the oral history challenge. There’s show news to announce in the next day or so.

October 1, 2015


A beautiful week of beautiful races.

September 24, 2015

scsrva 9242015

Super Cycle Sound is up and running at the Sediment Arts Storefront in Richmond, VA.
Thanks to Richmond Cultureworks (and their Richmond Arts and Cultural District Micro Grant Program), AudioTechnicaUSA, and the gallery for their support.
If you are in Richmond, the audiobooth will be up every day through September 27th, 1-7 pm.
Sediment Arts is located at 208 East Grace Street, 1/2 block off the UCI Road World Championships Race Course.

September 1, 2015


I recently returned from ten days in Colorado.

I played shows, attended a meeting of the Colorado Creative Industries, chased the US PRO Challenge, recording sound with my friends Manual for Speed. A surprise bonus was spending a few evenings at the Lyons FOLKSFEST. Where I finally saw Gillian Welch and David Rawlings live and…..just wanted to sing all the time.

September will be be busy. Check out the concerts/events page, and also SUPER CYCLE SOUND.

August 1, 2015

R Gates Breeze

Thanks to all who attended the house show last month. It was a lovely evening and I look forward to doing more.

I’ll be in Colorado, playing shows in Denver and Ft. Collins on the 15th and 21st. Also making field recordings and doing interviews during the US Pro Cycling Challenge. Check the shows page and follow along on twitter and the i’gram.

First, an off the grid artist residency. Hope you all are well, and more in a week.

July 1, 2o15

SECRET PDX HOUSE SHOW Friday July 24th. Email info (at) parcematone (dot) com

for details. If you are signed up for the email newsletters, you’ve already received the news.

As house concerts start up, the first best way to learn about them are via the email list. Sign up! ->

May 7, 2015

JD be nice look twice

These shirts evolved from a question. How to remember? I drive, I ride, I walk, I run and every time my mode is my perspective. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, e-bikes, skateboarders, joggers, runners, walkers, strollers, so many different paces, speeds and viewpoints. I wanted a simple singsong phrase to keep in mind. And I wanted to insert a pause. It’s those little moments that get us, the look down, the high speed, “Defensive driving”, my father always said. Being considerate and vigilant is a good way to roll forward and to remind everyone, including our fellow cyclists, as well as pedestrians and drivers, to take a little extra time. Designed in collaboration with Studio JGT/Barcelona.

Only a few left. Visit our store.

May 1, 2015


You’ll find me at the back of Bicycling Magazine’s June Issue, responding to their monthly “This Way” questionnaire. It was a pleasure to talk with Molly Hurford and thanks to photographer Matthew D’Annunzio for being cool with me noodling on my Guild + Benson Amp combo. I’m working with Sediment Arts and The Athletic (other fellow travelers announced soon) on a sound, oral history, and interview project around UCI Worlds in Richmond, VA this fall. After a great conversation at SXSW, offering what I can to the incredible Cyclofemme initiative, and planning Richmond, there’s a big dose of cycling and those who care about it in my days, which is fantastic.

*a brief note…I mentioned “L’Equipe” the French newspaper that has long been an HQ of Euro-cycling news, somehow it was transcribed and printed as “The Keep”. There’s a project in their somewhere…..

April 23, 2015


I’ll be playing solo as part of the Quiet Music Festival in Portland in June.
Details soon. Other shows and many projects in process.

Thank you for visiting here.

March 3, 2015

blossoms 2015

I’ve just returned from a quick visit to celebrate the FCC Decision to classify broadband internet as a common carrier. Victory! Now to slog through the next period of legal and legislative challenges to the decision. Are the previous two sentences opaque? I’ve been working offering an independent musician’s experience and stories in order to convey the importance of keeping basic communication and artistic avenues free from corporate control. #StewardWhatYouLove #StewardWhatYouNeed.


I’m off to SXSW late this week where I will be moderating a panel on Urban Cycling for SXSWsports as well as gathering interviews for the soon to launch The Suited Lady podcast. More to come.

Not enough music? It’s lurking, as are various sound projects. And I will be playing shows this year. Sign up for the newsletter for the occasional news.

January 12, 2015


Austin, TX : Writing songs, essays, project proposals; watching USA Cyclocross championships, and visiting Laguna Gloria, where I was treated to a visit with this Ursula Von Rydingsvard sculpture, “Luna”, 2007.

November 5, 2014


This is Charlie. He’s been my host in NYC over many trips, for many years. I’m in the city for a few days, on a trip I’m calling a walkabout. I started in Joshua Tree and still have a few weeks left before I return home to Portland. November 22 the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls will throw and honors dinner, and I’m one of a group of ladies to be celebrated. It is an honor. The evening is open to the public, (I’m hoping maybe it’s in the style of a Dean Martin roast?) and tickets are available here.

There’s some sort of website recalibration approaching, so that updating will be easier….it’s a mystery as of yet what it will look like….

September 24, 2014

NEWS for October

PDX : 10/7 : Notes, Signs, and Waves / Performance, Discussion / Portland Design Week

PDX : 10/9 : Panel Organizer and Moderator: “Sound Designed” / Portland Design Week

PDX : 10/12 : Celebrating the release of Bruce Springsteen Album by Album, info at ryanwwhite.com

CA : Artist Residency : A to Z / Joshua Tree, CA

CA : 10/22 : Joshua Tree : “ROCKS! ROCKS! ROCKS!” vocal performance with field recordings

CA : Mentor : (Nomadic / Site-Specific / Sound) PNCA Applied Design MFA Program

DC : 10/27 : Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit : Interviewing FCC General Counsel Jonathan Sallet

DC : 10/27 : Future of Music Coalition Honors performance

August 11, 2014
Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 12.06.03 AM
FOCAS 2014 : Forum on Communications and Society
A gathering sponsored by the Knight Foundation and The Aspen Institute.
This years theme: “Strengthening the Internet for Free Expression and Innovation”
For more info see twitter: @rebeccagates or #FOCAS14

June 13, 2014

I’ll be in Seattle June 25, speaking at the monthly happy hour hosted by the Seattle Department of Film and Music and The PNW chapter of the Recording Academy.  Information HERE

And Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats has invited me (and a quality host of others) to play the Holocene series “A Few of My Favourite Things”…all to benefit Xray-FM.

There’s also a benefit for Xray-FM at Alberta Rose Theater on June 21.

Pickin’ berries, reading, writing, working, dreaming,


June 2, 2014

If I’m quiet here, you can find me on Twitter.

Recalibrating and writing, working on Net Neutrality, getting caught up after months of traveling and freelance work.

April 13, 2014
Parcematone Presents launches the inaugural edition of our 2014 limited edition artist t-shirt series. Over the course of the summer season, we will be offering a variety of t-shirt designs courtesy of some of our talented friends.
Artist Bruce Collin Paulson is the visionary and hands-on magician at Fortress Letterpress. We are so pleased to collaborate with him. Also, check out his beautiful work on the cover of the new Golden Retriever album.
Thank you to Golden Rule Design for the printing.
Summertime’s heading your way, get fresh! Buy now in our store!

April 10, 2014
I’ll be interviewing Stacy D’Erasmo at Powells Books on Burnside May 15.

March 12, 2014
A quick update:
March 13: 4 pm solo Breakaway Records Austin, TX FREE
March 14: 12:30 pm SXSW Panel “New Punk Strategies: Your Values = Your Biz” with Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Merge), and Joe Voss (conference badge required)
March 15: 2 pm: solo End of An Ear Records Austin, TX FREE
April 5: Backfence PDX Portland, OR

PLEASE DO sign up for our mailing list to receive news updates including concert dates and events. We don’t bother you often and you can unsubscribe at any time.

WHY SIGN UP? I love social media as much as anyone. It’s fun and useful in many ways. Platforms change, are purchased, and become more or less effective, it’s the nature of the web. My email list is a way for me to stay in touch with folks in a manner that’s direct, mutually agreed upon, and lasting. It allows me to communicate in a way that reflects how I make music, the kaleidoscope of my many collaborators. Please do stay in touch, and as always, thanking you!

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 1.32.52 PM

January 9, 2014

gabo linear

I’m giving an artist talk at the Portland Art Museum this evening. It’s focused on an artwork called “Linear Construction (No. 1 Variation)” by Naum Gabo.

Afterwards, I’m going to Mississippi Studios sing a few songs with Califone.

November 19, 2013

Spinanes KY

Ah, the archives. Kendall found this recently and forwarded it to me. The Spinanes 1998 edition at Southgate House in Newport, KY. Kendall Meade, RG, Jerry Busher, Steve Girton (sound engineer) and Ted Leo. I’ve got a knack for putting together a good combo, if I do say so myself.

November 12, 2013
I’m traveling these days, on tour without playing. It’s related to ongoing work around musicians and culture policy, civic engagement, responding to challenges of our homes and business, and thinking about who we are in the world. I was in DC for the Future of Music Summit and while there was fortunate to sit in on a STEAM caucus policy meeting with Representative Bonamici and John Maeda, plus visit and rabble rouse with old and new friends:
(Josh Kun, Stephen Brackett, Alec Ounsworth, Erin McKeown – photo by Erin)

Tomorrow I’m in Detroit to discuss “The Internet Must Go” with filmmaker Gena Konstantinakos and lawyer Joe Voss. Next week I’ll be attending the Denver Music Summit, as well as speaking to Arts for Colorado. Inbetween is Techraking4 – audio and journalism.

Music work continues, and a new album is shaping up, which is encouraging. This one is unfolding as much as asking to be made, that’s a little different.

Today, on my way to Detroit, we flew between the Tetons and Yellowstone. The earth is extraordinary.

September 29, 2013

Last day of the exhibition today. Thanks to all who listened, who read, and who made a space for sound over the last few weeks.
More pics and sounds to come…

August 20, 2013

Working on “ROOMTONE: variation” with Lucy Raven for PICA’s TBA13. September 12-25

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 6.13.15 PM

August 12, 2013
Three Portland group shows/benefits over the last seven days.

1. Britt Daniel soundchecks at the No Name #1 Benefit for Outside In
2. A section of the audience at Sara Jaffe’s Pool Party, Readings + Tunes
3. Dancers (+ Nate Query) performing in FRONT MAGAZINE’s COLLISION SERIES

5f84dc46fd7611e297fd22000ae912c9_7 c01fc6d4025211e388ea22000a1f9318_7 643410b8030711e3ab6b22000aa8004d_7

July 14, 2013

There are a couple things coming up in early August….

August 4th I’ll be participating in No Name #1, a series of benefit concerts to celebrate Elliott Smith. August 10th I’m singing at the Peninsula Park pool to celebrate Sara Jaffe’s new novel. And August 11th I’m participating in a benefit for the amazing dance magazine FRONT, details soon.

May 31, 2013

The Consortium will be opening for Come at Mississippi Studios Friday, June 21. The wonderful Sad Horse is also on the bill. As the Blue Cranes are out on tour supporting their new album, Mr. Jake Morris “unlicensed therapist, certified life coach” (Street Nights, The Jicks) will be stepping in for Ji, providing drum savvy and entertainment.

This season is busy, freelance non-music work, a few small music projects here and there, and song-writing.

March 31, 2013

I’ll be playing a solo show at The Hideout in Chicago Friday, April 26th, opening for William Tyler and Brokeback. Tickets are available HERE.

March 15, 2013

My friend Jeremy Dunn kindly posted on Instagram (@JeremyDDunn) abut the “Be Nice Looks Twice” Tees safe-tees recently. We have a few sizes and colors left, and a very few of the left-side driving versions remain. They are available here. We will be stocking new versions later this year. If you’ve questions or would like to receive info when we release new product, send an email to info (at) parcematone.com.

Jeremy was given a ticket for not coming to a full stop at a red light, and subsequently attended a share the road class. After one session he relayed this story: “Judge “Tell me some things cyclists do wrong on the road…” Tough-guy shouts: “they ride bikes!” Laughter ensues.”

Another friend, Dylan VanWheelen is in long recovery after being hit by a truck that was too impatient to wait for him to make a (legal and signaled) left turn. He’s a seasoned rider who works at Chris King, and it’s a sad spring for him to be off his bicycle for two or three months, though he, and we, recognize his injuries could’ve been much worse and are thankful they are not.

All this to say, we do what we can and we continue to ride. Living in fear is no way to live, but being considerate and vigilant is a good way to roll forward and to remind everyone, including our fellow cyclists, as well as pedestrians and drivers, to take a little extra time.

January 22, 2012

Plans are afoot for the year…..first show scheduled, thoughts on The Float, writing new songs. Sign up for our mailing list for news, and buy the new album HERE and HERE.

December 7, 2012

Everything’s on hold for a few weeks…..

October 5, 2012

Photo by Alberto Polo

Thanks to La Castanya and Ted Leo for a lovely tour.

RECENT news, news NEWS, words, etc: the bllloggg.

NEW ALBUM THE FLOAT : A digital download version is available directly from us HERE: DIGITALFLOAT. VINYL is at 12XU. CD via Parcematone Presents. A select group of articles and reviews of The Float are HERE.

Oregon and Seattle band shows. See Concerts for details.

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments about the album and for coming to hear us play.

The Paris Review

It’s a nice way to start the touring season….Austin Statesman-Journal May 15, 2012

April 3, 2012

Martin Luther King Junior church fan, Memphis. Found inside a folder along with the original Arches and Aisles cover layouts.

March 17, 2012:

SXSW starts to become psychedelic about now, pure force carrying folks onward, occasionally downward. After a solid week of absorbing information and running into/running with friends and colleagues, it’s time for a few days of quiet.

March 9, 2012:

We are pleased to announce we will be in Paris to participate in “Keep Portland Weird” (though, with much gratitude, I gently protest the name of the event) at the Gâité Lyrique. Playing with The Jicks and Street Nights on April 24th. We will be touring the SW in May, heading east in the summer. All confirmed dates on the shows listing. Portlanders: come to Bunk Bar 4/17 and Revival Drum Shop 4/18.

February 22, 2012:

We have a few copies of “La Piscine”, an EP with a new track by Rebecca along with new songs by Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Richard Swift (The Shins) and Superbravo (Holden) available in the store. Full disclosure: The new Rebecca track will also be on her new album.

January 31, 2012:
Our cover of “Dangerous”, a sweet 1982 R & B jam
by Portland band Cool’r, is now posted at Jackpot
Recording Studio’s “Jackpot covers Portland” website.

January 14, 2012:

We are fans of the wonderful Jackpot Recording Studio. I had a little it to do with encouraging Larry to start it up and he was kind enough to give a good home to a massive Leslie speaker that I couldn’t take with me when I moved from Portland. Joanna in-house engineered off and on for years.

Larry and Kendra are launching a series called Jackpot Covers Portland. We recorded our version of a 1980’s Portland R & B jam last month. More on that when it’s posted next week…..

January 12, 2012: New bllloggg post. Booking shows. Making plans, etc.

October 27, 2011: This weekend (Oct 28-30) I’m pleased to be attending WFMU’s Radiovision conference.


Summer 2011: Head down and hard at work. Except for the river days (see below).
There’s always some kind of current chatter under the journal, shows, or the twitz. Have a question? Email: info@parcematone.com

June 26, 2011:

Bureau for Open Culture Mass MoCA

I was fortunate to speak with Sam Gould for Bartleby’s Pen at MASS MoCA in June. We’re working on a Publication Studio book considering artist’s economic cultures that will include a transcript of our discussion. Night Market will be taking place throughout the summer.

June 16, 2011:

Venue change: Saturday’s show has been moved to Europa

May 28, 2011:

View from the stage at Sasquatch

April 12, 2011:

Ji & Joanna : Maxwell’s : April 12, 2011

Knitting Factory 1998