safe-teeZ : be nice look twice

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There’s plenty of spirited discussions between drivers, bicyclists, and those on two and four legs regarding how, and whether (of course we say “Bien sur!”) to share traveling space. And let’s not forget skateboarders, motorcyclists, and scooters. At best, these conversations are thoughtful, allowing us to consider the state of our cities and roads. Sometimes though, these exchanges descend into unappealing shouting matches, physical aggression or even…passive aggressive and haughty condemnation. Really, all so very unattractive.
 Here at Parcematone we argue for gallantry and consideration.

Whether driving, riding, walking, moving around in any manner, it’s a good idea to keep one’s wits close at hand. Keep an eye out, enjoy the easy pleasure of a pause, a wave, a thank you.

We decided it might help everyone remember there are Rules of the Road plus there’s the KINDNESS of the road. What better way to keep that in mind than to offer a little sing-song?

Taking a corner in a car? Signal and BE NICE LOOK TWICE
Opening an automobile door? BE NICE LOOK TWICE
Cycling across an intersection? Sharing a bridge lane with a pedestrian?
Stepping off a curb? Into a crosswalk? BE NICE LOOK TWICE
You get the idea.

These foxy folks are sporting the look that says “We’re here and we care”. A portion of the t-shirt sales goes to both supporting cycling infrastructure and advocacy and funding research on brain injury recovery. Whether you ride left or ride right, we’ve got the tee for you…here.