Wie Gehts?

I’m not really sure how to start this process. Over a year ago a friend of mine said “You should write a blog.” Blog. Such a bad word.  Weblog. I aspire to bringing the “we” back in weblog. “What did you do this morning?” “I scribbled my welog.” We talked about what shape it could take, what I resisted. I’ve been thinking. There are a lot of welogs I read and enjoy, so there has to be a good way to do it. Will see. I’m not a fan of over-sharing, I’m not an incisive writer. I’m not a schooled essayist. Maybe I’ll work on learning the proper essay form. Maybe I’ll turn into an angry old man standing on his front lawn in boxers spraying a hose at passers-by yelling GET OFF MY LAWN. Maybe I’ll turn words foggy glass negative or just slap in my skint Tumblr feed. Maybe I’ll actually update the mofo more often than once a year.  I’m still not sure what shape this will take, or if it will be of any value but am going to try-it-out. Dangling phrases, malapropisms, ellipses (the dots, not the spheres) & fauxsperanto guaranteed.

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