5 Firsts

Another in our series of short posts by authors writing about the place of our music in their life and times:

Presenting: Mr. Will Allison! author of What You Have Left and Long Drive Home


Five Firsts with RG

1. The first time I heard Rebecca Gates: 1996, on a promo copy of Strand, lent to me by and subsequently stolen from Meredith Melragon, to whom I’ll always be grateful for introducing me to many fine bands—but especially to RG.

2. The first time I saw RG play live: 1998, Cincinnati, at Sudsy Malone’s, a bar with a laundromat in back. RG was touring solo for Arches and Aisles. No one has ever sounded so good in a laundromat. Nerd alert: after the show, I asked for the set list.

3. The first song I ever played for my daughter, Hazel, when she was still in her crib: “Madding,” the opening track on Strand. “Hey, baby. . . I know you’re tired.”

4. The first person I ever met who’d rehearsed with RG: A friend of a friend in Chicago. This was around the time of Ruby Series. “What’s it like to play with Rebecca?” I asked. “Fun,” she said, “but hard. Rebecca’s songs aren’t like anyone else’s.”

5. The first time I met RG in person: January 2006, New York, after a show at The Knitting Factory. As you’d expect, she was gracious, kind, approachable—not at all a Rock Star. I didn’t want to gush, but what I meant to tell her was: thanks for the great records, thanks for the great shows, please don’t stop making music, can’t wait for more.

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