r ‘n’ r ≠ rock ‘n’ roll

Not all the time.
The question comes up, why so long between records? And there are many answers, all true. One of them is “I wanted to try to find a way to work hard on music and be healthy, be rested and not have every cycle end in depletion, with each cycle ending lower than the previous one.” which makes life sound quite dark and dire, which, at times it was, but mostly it was not. Still, it was important I learn new skills and when I finally felt a certain whimsy, command, relaxation, it seemed safe to put the pedal to the metal, if I might borrow the phrase…
The last few months have been amazing and full and difficult. Right now I’m between finishing the album production, setting it out into the world and taking care of it there. I could fill 56 hours a day.
BUT yesterday and today, I went to the beach with friends, no computer, minor phone use. We celebrated starting jobs, quitting jobs, and a rock ‘n’ roll album.

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