The Float

After months, nay years, of talking about this record, it is in the final stages and due for release in two months.

We are previewing a track here.

I am handling all aspects of the release except promo to print/web and radio, which DIY aside, is still a huge (and, unfortunately, expensive) part of putting out a record. It’s all very exciting and very overwhelming. I still have a lot to do.

The one thing I am not doing is covering the manufacture, release and distribution of the vinyl LP. The marvelous 12XU ( has stepped in to manage that format. Gerard’s involvement means a tremendous amount to me. He’s run amazing record labels releasing great records I’ve admired and enjoyed for years. (Homestead, Matador).

Though we are in this late stage, after putting everything I can into the process, and trying to avoid online fund-raising, I will be kicking off a Kickstarter campaign next week. 2012!

In the meantime, enjoy “& & &” .


The new record was recorded in Wakefield, Chicago, Montreal, Portland, Townsend and Dallas. Engineered by Howard Bilerman, John McEntire, Ethan Rose, Kendra Lynn, Mark Greenberg, Stuart Sikes, John Askew, Adam Selzer, Jim Brunberg, Graeme Gibson, and Rebecca Gates.
Players include : Joe Adamik, Thierry Amar, James Becker, Steve Berlin, Joanna Bolme, Rebecca Cole, Becky Foon, Mark Greenberg, Gary Jarman, Benny Massarella, Doug McCombs, John McEntire, Jessica Moss, Sonja Myklebust, Nate Query, Tim Rutili, and Ji Tanzer.

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