Half time

It’s a beautiful early summer morning in the NE. The band is asleep, except for Rebecca Cole, who just landed in NYC from Portland after playing with the Portland Cello Project this weekend. We will collect her later today.

Between playing, organizing, try to stay present, not get exhausted, make future plans, the last few weeks have been intense. And wonderful. I knew that doing business myself would be a lot to manage. It’s another reason I waited so long to put out the record.

The shows have been completely worth it. We’ve seen old friends, met new folks and everyone (so far) has been overwhelmingly kind. They also have enjoyed themselves. As have we. We’re at half-time on this tour and it’s ending too soon.

One thing that has suffered is advocacy work. It’s difficult to pay attention to everything I need to for the album and still track what’s happening legislatively, with the election, with responses to current events. And writing. I need to be writing, both words and songs.

Today we’ll drive through five states. I can tell we are not out west.


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