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From Willamette Week “Scoop”: September 14, 2011

ARMISEN WATCH CONTINUES: We weren’t actually going to mention that Portlandia’s Fred Armisen was hanging out at the Rebecca Gates and the Consortium/Ted Leo show at Backspace on Saturday night. But when he got behind the drums and played a song with Gates during her MFNW set—quite ably, we might add—he kinda left us no choice. It’s not the first time the former Spinanes frontwoman has played alongside the SNL vet: He joined her during a NYC residency five years ago and, according to Gates, actually filled in as a Spinane in the ’90s. Weird? It gets weirder. Ted Leo was also a Spinane.

No offense to WW but I find the concept of Armisen Watch a little creepy. Scoop does make the point that the membership of The Spinanes could use a little reviewing. It’s a mighty talented group. Here’s a list of touring members and their bands since their Spinanes/RG Ruby Series duties:

Scott Plouf: 1991-1996: Built to Spill

John Moen: 1989, 1996: The Jicks, Decemberists, Boston Spaceships, Maroons, Perhapst

Joanna Bolme: 1996-1998: The Jicks, Quasi

Fred Armisen: 1997: SNL, Portlandia

Jerry Busher: 1998-2002: French Toast, Federico Aubele

Ted Leo: 1998-99: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Kendall Meade: 1998-99: Mascott

Mikael Jorgensen: 2000-2002: Wilco, Pronto

Noel Kupersmith: 2000-2002: Brokeback, Extra Golden





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